Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 in Review

I let myself get caught up in the jingle bells and Christmas awe this season, and in the process I have neglected important things, like writing in my blog and sending Christmas cards (or at least a Christmas letter). I intend to repent, at least partially. With luck, the resulting half-baked "year in the life of the our family" will slide me off the hook. In, um, age order...

I began the year in the throes of mid-life blahs. Yes, it happens. You wake up one year to realize that you will never again read a book without glasses, that in fact you DO need to get proper sleep in order to maintain a significant exercise routine, and that the once well-defined path of your life has begun to meander toward no perceptible goal. So I did what any self-respecting forty-something woman would do. I got my motorcycle license and rode the Harley off into the sunset. I also began writing again and woke up my brain with some online classes and personal study goals. Take that, mid-life crisis! I'm smiling again. Also, thanks to plyometrics and weight-lifting, I actually enjoy running for the first time in my life.

Brad has enjoyed his share of motorcycle sunsets, as well, exploring our new territory of central Illinois and taking wicked pleasure in the fact that he can legally wear a do-rag instead of a helmet while he rides. Hmm...He even rode through Springfield in drag recently, but that involves the long story of his film debut, so I'll just leave you hanging with the delightful image of Brad in long red hair and a dress on a Harley. In real life he continues his work as applications manager at Springfield Clinic, weight lifts for sanity, and dreams about the project bike he is building in the garage.

Halfway through his undergrad program at Utah State, Devin has switched his major to Psychology and loves it. He works in a behavioral analysis lab, teaching children with autism and diving into various research projects. Finding himself in need of a death-defying sport that does not require snow, he took up climbing this year and spent a good chunk of the summer and fall dangling from various cliffs in Northern Utah and Southern Idaho. He even got Brad out on a cliff!

As central Illinois offers no cliffs to speak of, Alec sticks to the death-defying sport of football. He recovered nicely from his concussion, even remembers his name now and managed to memorize a staggering number of dates for his AP European History final. He plays piano in his high school jazz band, and with any luck he will finish his Eagle Scout requirements by this summer so that he can celebrate his 16th birthday with a driver's license. He thoroughly enjoyed his solo trip back to Vermont this summer but also seems to be settling into life here, despite whining about the lack of hills.

Jared attacks life with the exuberance characteristic of most fifth graders. Family vacation gave him the opportunity to celebrate his tenth birthday with two sets of grandparents and other assorted marvelous relatives in Utah. He returned from our cross-country adventures to bond with his father on the football field and basketball court, where Brad continues his love of coaching. Away from the game, Jared has added trumpet to his musical accomplishments (still plays piano) and discovered a love of reading.

Princess Kristina is bored to tears at home and needs kindergarten. With the rigors of preschool, dance class, musical composition (yes, there is a Grammy just around the corner...I'm absolutely certain of it) and charming the socks off of everyone she meets, you would think an almost five-year-old could find a measure of contentment. Sadly, no. But we glory in her hugs in spite of the occasional Attitude.

Christmas week finds us enjoying a rare time with the entire family in one state. With stockings hung on the mantle, and snow in the forecast for Christmas Eve, we send our best wishes for a joyous Christmas and a peaceful New Year.


  1. what a year! i am shocked by the age and size of your children...10 years changes kids just a bit! i'm very interested in brad's drag story. sounds entertaining!

  2. "half-baked" my've put my Christmas letter to shame! I love your family to bits! Merry Christmas to all of you! xoxo

  3. wait a minute...I just realized that there are NO pictures of you in this thing...hmmm

  4. Yes I second Sara's hmmmm about no picture of you! I expected Juliana flexing her biceps on the Harley!

    It's great to hear about the kids, even though I've never met them. Sounds like you have your hands full with your girlie, welcome to the club!!

    Thanks for the extra special comment you left on my blog. It made my morning! You should plan a trip out here in August. I am planning a 20 anniversary party for Ross and I and everyone is invited!

  5. Yeah, about that no picture thing. I tried, really I did. I just don't have that many pictures of me.

    Cathryn, I would LOVE to come out for your anniversary party. I'll put it on my wish list, and we'll see how things go. 20 years, huh? How come we look so dang young still? :)