Saturday, August 21, 2010

Maiden Voyage

I swore that, despite my husband's gentle nagging, I would never cross the line and get my motorcycle license. Just not my cup of tea. Besides, my husband owns a Harley, and I found the roar annoying in a "look at me while I try to impress you with my manliness" kind of way.

And yet, just the other day, I found myself revving the engine of my Harley at a stoplight, enjoying the feeling of power beneath me and chuckling gleefully at the fact that in just a few minutes I would destroy the peace and quiet of my suburban neighborhood. Nearly a year with an M on my license. Yes, taking that motorcycle safety class was the most intimidating thing I have ever done. But I have to say, life looks better from the back of a bike.

In the spirit of crossing lines I never thought I would cross, I begin a blog. Chalk it up to midlife crisis and a need to prod myself into accomplishing a goal or two. I have always considered blogging an exercise in egocentric exhibitionism. I mean, really, who honestly cares about the inner workings of the average mind? Well, probably no one. But at this point, the need to exercise my brain supersedes my caring what anyone thinks. So off I go. Cornfields to my right, soybeans to my left, I skip into the sunset.


  1. I am hoping to appeal to the scholar in you. Why did we read The Scarlet Letter? The Brothers Karamazov, or Les Miserables?

    No, not because it was required reading in school--because it explained to us "the inner workings of the average mind"! Okay, I agree those authors might not have been so "average" but neither are you or I!!

    I applaud your efforts at blogging (aka "finding a response to that pesky demand to 'describe yourself.'")
    Just make sure you include photos every now and then!! It sure makes blogging fun!

  2. I shall repent and include photos...soon. :)

  3. Perhaps you are entering a phase in your life that you need more attention? ;) What with the roaring of the motorcycle and the "egocentric exhibitionism" of a blog, you are set to make waves! I have a book for you, or two or three, but point being that you have recalled a character to mind with this post, and he is rather engaging.

    Well, I find myself drawn in, and though I openly admit to not checking my friends' or family members' blogs very often, I see myself visiting yours quite a bit!